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11 Apr 23 — Day I-33 — First chick!

What a day!

I wasn’t really expecting the first chick to hatch today. I was expecting it to happen more like tomorrow or Thursday.

The day started a lot like yesterday with Tom doing a shift between 6.03 and 6.43. Then Azina took over. Tom brought her some food at 9.48 and she declined. She left for an unknown reason at 12.18 and an egg was pipped!

Pip visible on one of the eggs
Pip visible on one of the eggs

Tom took over incubation for 10 minutes. Azina returned and didn’t leave for the rest of the day. And it wasn’t for lack of trying on Tom’s part but she refused to budge every time he visited (usually with food).

When I looked back through the recordings, it’s possible that the egg was already pipped at 6.43 am but as it was on the side it’s hard to tell for sure. Likewise, when Azina took over from Tom, the pip was barely visible. It goes to show that luck has a big part in whether we get to see if an egg is pipped or not.

I was on a work call at 2.27 pm while keeping an eye on the camera and to my surprise Azina got up and revealed a wet chick!!! It must have just hatched around then.

First glimpse of a wet chick at 2.27 pm
First glimpse of a wet chick at 2.27 pm

An hour later another glimpse showed us a slightly fluffier chick and its head for the first time.

First glimpse of the chick's head at 3.25 pm
First glimpse of the chick’s head at 3.25 pm

At 5.02 pm, Tom desperately wanted to incubate and see his first chick but Azina didn’t agree to let him…

At 6.47 this evening when Tom brought yet more food that Azina refused but that gave us our first glimpse of the fluffy chick.

Fluffy chick under Mum
Fluffy chick under Mum

Azina has been so tight on the eggs and chick that it’s impossible to say if there are any more pips.

Shots for today:

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