17 May 23 — Day 36

Today is P6T’s five weeks birthday!

P6T observing
P6T observing the world around

He’s had a great day full of running around and flapping, with plenty of resting and preening in between. He can sprint along the runway at a fair speed! And does it sometimes while flapping (clip below for example).

He also pancaked on the wall for the first time, which means he now feels very confident on it.

First pancake on the wall
First pancake on the wall

He again spent the night out on the wall, in the same spot at the night before. He hasn’t been in the box since Monday unless going after a parent. Which has given Tom the opportunity to go and do a bit of housekeeping in there. It’s needed!

Name. A few people have asked if I’m going to name him. To be honest I am quite happy calling him P6T (it’s easy to say, which is usually my criterion for giving a name) and I haven’t been inspired so far. Maybe something will come during fledging but for now I will stick to it.

Funny clip to finish with before today’s album:

Today’s shots:

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