3 Apr 23 — Days I-23 to I-25

We are around three quarter of the way there now.

Not much to report, it’s been fairly routine. Except for one intruder I witnessed on Saturday evening but who was very quickly seen off by Azina. No messing about.

30 Mar 23 — Day I-21

Something worked up the pair around 1pm today but I couldn’t see what it was… (first five shots)

And a few more shots from today.

29 Mar 23 — Days I-19 and I-20

Two quiet days but very different. Yesterday Tom did little incubation (just under two hours). Today he did the most he’s done in a day so far this year with over five hours in two shifts. Today Azina did her longest day shift with seven hours on the trot.
About two thirds of the way through now…

27 Mar 23 — Day I-18

Another quiet day apart from the moment Azina spotted something high up (first two shots) and went after it. It was so high up I never managed to spot it and lost Azina as she was just a teeny dot on her way after it. This was just before lunchtime and it’s only then that Tom came for his first shift

26 Mar 23 — Days I-15 to I-17

We have now reached the half way point 🙂
Here are a few shots from the last three days including some of the quite dramatic skies we had on Friday when it was clear and sunny over the hospital but very dark and raining just North (I even heard some thunder over Kensington at that time). And two shots of the boat races as they pass Hammersmith Bridge as viewed from the Peregrine nest ledge.
Tom has been doing shorter days of incubation, a mixture again of him not turning up and Azina refusing him. She ended up doing a shift of around 20 hours overnight as she’d started it early afternoon and Tom didn’t relieve her until almost 11 this morning.

23 Mar 23 — Day I-14

A few shots from today.

There was an intruder near 3pm, a female I presume as Azina shot out of the box and used the hospital to gain height quickly to chase it over the cemetery. Tom was around and immediately went to incubate. Azina relieved him 10 minutes later.
Apart from this it was a quiet day. Azina ended up doing 14hr22m on the trot overnight. Tom had an easy day today, with only 2hr28m.

22 Mar 23 — Days I-11, I-12 and I-13

Very quiet days again with little to report. Tom has done average days (3h40) to long (nearly 5 hours).
The coming night is going to be long for Azina as she refused Tom’s help twice this afternoon/early evening meaning that she’s been incubating since 2.50pm

A few shots from the last three days.

19 Mar 23 — Days I-9 and I-10

Quiet days. Tom did a lot less incubating yesterday (a mixture of him not turning up and Azina saying no) and Azina ended up doing nearly 16hrs on the trot overnight.
He did an average day today (3hr40) over three shifts. He also brought some pigeon but Azina wasn’t interested then.
The last shot is of Tom on the lookout on a crane this evening. We could hear Azina calling to him but I don’t think he could. He eventually turned up to relieve her a while later.
Before this we saw him very nearly catch a hospital pigeon (there was contact) he’d flushed.

A few shots from yesterday and today.

17 Mar 23 — Days I-7 and I-8

I didn’t do an update yesterday as it had been a very quiet day. So was today thankfully 🙂 The pair has really settled into the routine. Tom has ended up doing a bit over four hours each day which is a bit over his average last year.

A clip from today: Tom had barely settled on the eggs when Azina came back and demanded to incubate again. Poor Tom! It’s not like she’d been incubating for over 12 hours. 😉 But his following shift two hours later ended up being nearly three hours long. Happy Tom! 😂

And a few shots from yesterday and today.