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22 Apr 23 — Day 11

Happy one week birthday to the youngest chick! And I am pleased to say that it is thriving. And is a bit of a character, definitely holding its own against its bigger siblings.
It has just started to show pin feathers on its wings. And you can clearly see the difference 3 or 4 days make when you look at the older two.

Nice pin feathers
Nice pin feathers

Tom had taken a bit of a step back yesterday. He took two steps forward today 😉 He ended up feeding the chicks twice and doing a fair bit of brooding. Azina still did the majority of it but the chicks were left on their own a bit more again today.

Azina brooding - chick preening
Azina brooding – chick preening

Pigeon and starling was on the menu today. There were six feeds.

Some people are saying that they would usually bring Parakeets. But they wouldn’t, that’s always a bit later in the season (and the Peregrines are nesting earlier than they used to). The Peregrines mostly catch the Parakeets at dawn and dusk when they go from and to their roosts. As the Parakeets are nesting at the moment they’re staying put and the opportunities are fewer for the Peregrines.

Azina feeds the chicks
Azina feeds the chicks – in a line again

To finish, this made me laugh when I saw it first. A game of ‘pass the morsel’ 😉

Shots for today:

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