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21 Apr 23 — Day 10

The two oldest chicks are getting to the age where they can thermoregulate and so the chicks may be left on their own for longer periods from now on. Tom hasn’t tried brooding them at all today. And they were left alone for half an hour early afternoon.

Tom came in early and waited for eight minutes before Azina moved on but it doesn’t look like they did much chatting this time.

Tom standing waiting for Azina to move
Tom standing waiting for Azina to move (she did after eight minutes)

The chicks had six feeds today, some lasting quite long. On the menu only pigeon today.

The youngest chick missed out on the second feed. I guess it wasn’t hungry. It caught up at the next one and got a private feed for a while by again separating itself from its siblings. It joined them back by itself this time.

Azina feeding the chicks
Azina feeding the chicks

Tom spent a fair bit of time perched by the ledge today.

Tom by the ledge
Tom by the ledge. He’s put his tutu on 😉

Shots for today:

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