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17 Apr 23 — Day 6

I think it is fair to say that the last egg is not going to hatch now. Looking back at shots from egg-laying time I think this was egg #2 that didn’t hatch. The colour contrast between the brightly coloured freshly laid eggs and now is quite big. All this rolling on gravel does wear them out.

But we have three healthy chicks. And the little one is no push-over!

The Peregrines day started early with Tom bringing food at 4:37 a.m. Azina fed it to the chicks but I am not sure how much they could see each other at first as it looked a bit tentative.

Then at 5:47 Tom came in and had a long discussion with Azina. He really went into her face at times!

Tom fed the chicks this morning and did a very good job of it. Azina has let him be a hands-on Dad a fair bit this time. She left him in charge for nearly an hour in the morning and in the afternoon.

Tom brooding
Tom brooding

The oldest chick has started to do a little bit of preening.

The chicks got 6 feeds today, at 4:37, 7:04 (by Tom), 11:20, 2:41pm, 4:56pm and 7:17pm. A mix of Starling and Pigeon again.

Azina brings food
Azina brings food

Shots for today:

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