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14 Apr 23 — Day I-36 / day 3

We still have two chicks and two eggs. It is probably too late now for the egg that was hatching yesterday. But it could still happen for the other egg. The problem is that the chicks are all over the eggs making it very difficult to spot signs of hatching. There was a pip on one of the eggs on the feed video below but we can’t say if it was new or not.

In the meantime we have two healthy chicks. And I’m going to stick my neck out, I am pretty sure we have one boy and one girl (with the boy being the first one to hatch). But time with tell.

Where's our food?
Where’s our food?

They were fed six times today, pigeon every time.

Azina feeding the chicks
Azina feeding the chicks

Tom got to spend a fair bit of time with them. But Azina is still doing the vast majority of the brooding.
I wish they removed that carcasse…

Tom's fluffy bottom
Tom’s fluffy bottom

Shots for today:

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