19 January 2019: 1st mating on camera of 2019

Early afternoon on Saturday 19th January Charlie arrived on the ledge and after a short while decided to pancake on the wall of the ledge.  I find the following video interesting as it shows her settling, with a better angle than when she does this on top of the nest box as she tends to face the camera there.

pancaked Charlie

She pancaked for a few minutes but got up quite quickly and moved to perch on top of the nest box instead.


Charlie relaxing on top of the nest box with a full crop

There, she decided to pancake again and even have a bit of a snooze.


pancaked Charlie

pancaked sleepy Charlie

At 1.48pm, she suddenly got up and started bowing, I thought she was going to have a courtship display with Tom but no. Instead, Tom came and mated with her!  This has to be the earliest mating on camera for this pair. I had been wondering a few times a few days before if it was about to happen, from the way Charlie was presenting herself…

1st mating on camera of 2019

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